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    During May/June of 2013 we begin our annual Ambulance Subscription Drive. Please note that all 2012-2013 subscriptions expired on June 30th, 2013 and a prompt renewal will ensure no loss of benefits to members. Freeport EMS, Inc. provides emergency medical treatment/transport and medically necessary, non-emergency transfers to all members. Your subscription will entitle you to UNLIMITED emergency service as well as CONDITIONAL non-emergency, but medically necessary transfers. The advantage to a member is that NO additional out of pocket expenses will occur if your insurance doesn't pay the entire balance of your bill, provided conditions are met.

     For persons joining the Ambulance Membership, Freeport EMS Inc. reserves the right to bill for actual services from any third party insurance carrier that the subscriber may have. There will not be any additional costs to the subscriber, as the third party insurance coverage would be accepted as payment in full. Uninsured members would be given a reduced rate of up to 50% in savings. This allows us to keep subscription rates to a minimum.

     NOW is the time for renewal of all memberships and for new members to subscribe. Memberships are HIGHLY preferred to be turned in before September 1st, 2011. All non-subscribers will be responsible for all unpaid balances for use of the ambulance service.

     Non-emergency transfers that are not medically necessary, i.e., transports possible by private vehicle or any transports to or from the physician's office are NOT covered under your membership. These transports are non-covered services with all insurance carriers and a fee will be charged to all subscribers requesting this service.

The 2012-2013 Membership is effective from July 1st, 2012 to June 30th, 2013

Family (household) Membership.............$50.00
Individual (Person living alone)...............$30.00

     Many of you continue to make an "additional donation" in combination with the minimum subscription rate. Your generosity is sincerely appreciated and is tax deductible.

     On May 11, 2010, we celebrated our 70th year of service to the community. Freeport EMS Inc. will continue to upgrade our service, including new equipment and training of personnel, so that we may remain superior in emergency care and continue in the business of saving lives.

     We ask for your continued support so that we the volunteers of Freeport EMS may continue to provide our community with the very best in Pre-Hospital Care.

     Freeport EMS is also a member of the North East Ambulance Alliance (NEAA), which means when you are transported by any of the members of NEAA, if you are a subscriber of Freeport EMS your subscription will be honored by that service, and if it is a medically necessary transport or emergency transport, you will not be billed if your insurance doesn't pay the entire balance of your bill, provided conditions are met.

     To subscribe with Freeport EMS, call the station at (724) 295-2980 and ask about subscribing. For any emergencies, IMMEDIATELY CALL 911. For any NON-EMERGENCY transfers, request Freeport EMS or call the station to request transportation.

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