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Freeport VFD/ EMS is looking for dedicated volunteers!

Have you ever heard the fire whistle sound and wonder, "What if I could help?" Watch a fire engine race down the street and think, "What if I were on that truck?" Or even watch as a team of firefighters stretch hoses and put out a fire and ask yourself, "Could I do that?" The Freeport Volunteer Fire Department is always in need of people willing to dedicate themselves to helping their community. If you've ever found yourself asking these questions, and want to give it a try, stop by the Station at 400 Market Street to learn how to get started!

If you are interested in joining, feel free to stop by the station at 400 Market Street in Freeport, or call us at (724) 295-2300, or if you know a member of our department, contact them. Even if you are still not decided on joining, we will be more than willing to talk to you and answer any of your questions. We are a volunteer department that relies on members of our community to staff our trucks during an emergency.  Anybody that is willing to help, no matter how little or how much is given, is more than welcome to join our family. 

Here are the various positions we are looking for:

There are many different functions you can do when you join Freeport VFD/ EMS.  The main position we are looking for more members in is firefighting.  What does it take to become a firefighter? Well, you have to take a class called The Essentials of Firefighting, which will teach you the different aspects of firefighting, and how to put out a fire from the inside and outside of a building. You must also participate in a controlled training fire. Once you complete this class, you have all the necessary training and skills to begin firefighting. There are also many other classes to advance your knowledge and skills.  If you are a truck driver, or have experience driving large vehicles, or just want to help out, you can be a driver/pump operator.  To be certified to drive these vehicles, you need to take Emergency Vehicle Operators Course, and you can also take Pump Operations to familiarize yourself with how to use a fire pump on a truck.

A large portion of Freeport VFDís emergency calls are rescue operations.  If firefighting isnít for you, this is another consideration you can make.  Freeport VFD currently operates as a light rescue company.  During the State Department of Health's Basic Vehicle Rescue class, you will develop the skills to extricate somebody from a vehicle with the use of hand tools and power tools.  You can also advance your rescue skills in Rope, High Angle, Collapse, and Confined Space Rescue; Special Vehicle Rescue; Search and Rescue; and many other classes.  Freeport VFD also has a Water Rescue Team with SCUBA equipment and boats.  If you are a boat operator, recreational diver, lifeguard, or someone that just likes to be in the water, we can use you for our Water Rescue Team.  If you are interested, you can take classes to become a Water Rescue Technician, such as: water rescue awareness, water rescue and emergency response, boat operation and rescue, line systems rescue, ice rescue, rescue diver, and other various water rescue courses.

River Rescue Team
Freeport VFD operates a rescue boat for rescue calls on the Allegheny River, Buffalo Creek, Kiski River, and wherever we may be called. The River Rescue Team is comprised of members who receive special training for incidents on the water.  Boat operators, SCUBA divers, and other interested persons are welcome to join!

Freeport EMS is also looking for good volunteers.  We provide an around-the-clock ambulance service with paid EMTís and Paramedics.  However, there are some times when volunteers are called in for more help, and volunteers are called in for most of the non-emergency transfers, community events, and standbys we handle.  Because of this, we are always looking for new volunteers.  In order to volunteer on an ambulance, you need to become a state certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).  After you become an EMT, you can also advance on to become a Paramedic, which requires more training.  Volunteering in EMS is also a good way for applying medical students to set themselves apart from the other applicants.  It gives you valuable experience and knowledge in medicine and patient care, which can put you ahead of the rest of the students, and benefit you later in your career. Running as an EMT or Paramedic also counts for many schools as the "hands on patient care" hours required for many medical-related programs!

Fire Police
Fire Police are in charge of scene protection and traffic control at an emergency.  They provide a service that is very valuable to the other emergency workers by ensuring that they are safe while operating at a fire, vehicle accident, or other emergency.

Junior Program
Are you under the age of 18? No problem! We have a Junior Program that allows 14 to 17 year olds to gain experience for becoming a senior member. And donít worry, parentsĖ Juniors are not allowed inside of a burning building. However, they can assist firefighters from the outside and do many other functions at an emergency call.  This program helps keep young men and women out of trouble and puts them in an environment where they can help others.  Colleges now prefer students who have volunteer hoursĖ and this is a great way to get them. Some colleges also give you free room and board in exchange for volunteering with the on-campus fire department. Being a member of our Junior Program can also assist you in applying for scholarships that are community service based.  And in these hard times, this can really benefit families trying to find means to pay for college.

Social Members
Not interested in being an active member? There are many other non-emergency functions you can do.  We need help with many activities, such  helping with activities in the station and around the community, like the Block Party, September by the River, and various fundraisers that the Company organizes.  If you want to help your community, but do not have the time for the training and emergency calls, this is a necessary aspect of the fire department that can use any help it can get.  

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