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2012 Monthly Call Volume
as of 9/9/2012


Fire EMS
Jan. 6 118
Feb. 10 110
Mar. 6 83
Apr. 11 99
May 4 90
June 10 113
July 16 80
Aug. 9 83
Sept. 6 34
Oct. - -
Nov. - -
Dec. - -


78 811


2011 Monthly Call Volume


Fire EMS
Jan. 7 130
Feb. 4 148
Mar. 7 153
Apr. 2 117
May 12 158
June 10 142
July 16 137
Aug. 4 111
Sept. 4 101
Oct. 11 146
Nov. 8 120
Dec. 18 118


103 1581

2010 Monthly Call Volume


Fire EMS
Jan. 7 105
Feb. 8 100
Mar. 9 120
Apr. 5 142
May 5 128
June 10 128
July 13 148
Aug. 5 115
Sept. 7 134
Oct. 12 127
Nov. 4 118
Dec. 8 109


93 1474






Welcome to the official website of Freeport Volunteer Fire Department and Freeport Emergency Medical Service. Please look around our website and learn more about our department and what we do for the community!.



Freeport VFD/EMS is ALWAYS in need of good volunteers to help the community! Without a strong volunteer base, the department would not be able to function in the capacity that it does today. Lack of volunteers means longer response times and inadequate manpower on scene, which results in increased property damage, worsened injury, or even loss of life. In the end, a lack of volunteers means the community suffers. Help keep this necessary organization running the way the community NEEDS it to run, and join us! See our "Volunteer Today!" page for more information! 


Recent News

Possible Water Rescue on the Buffalo Creek
8/4/13: At 1700 hours 70 EMS and 70 QRS were dispatched to the Buffalo Creek Marina, meet the caller for an unresponsive patient along the shore of the creek. Medic 70-3 along with Lieutenant 70-1 responded, and met with the caller at the dock, who advised the patient was actually near the "Point" with the Allegheny River. With no easy land access to this area, Lieutenant 70-1 requested Boat 70 to the scene, and the EMS crew boarded the callers boat to search for the victim. Citizens Hose 167 was also requested to standby in station with their boat. Within minutes, Squad 70 responded with 5 personnel and Boat 70 in tow, with an additional 3 in station for the Rescue if needed. EMS advised the boat to standby at the launch and prepare for possible deployment. Upon further investigation, it was found that there was no medical emergency, and all units went back in service. Company 70 personnel responding: 12.

Drill Night with Company 220
7/23/13: Tonight for drill, members trained with South Buffalo Twp. Company 220. To start, a "roll in" scenario was performed. Engine 220-1 began flowing water and Engine 70-1 reverse laid in from E220-1 to the hydrant. E70-1 began feeding E220-1 with its tank water while a water supply from the hydrant was established. E220-1 utilized its deck gun and trash line. Just after breaking down from this, E220-1 left for a Fire Alarm in North Buffalo Twp (and were cancelled shortly before arriving on scene). E70-1 set up the Mercury Portable Deck Gun as well as its trash line. Members went over deployment of the "Scorpion Load" on the front bumper line, as well as operation of the Mercury Gun. Members also got a chance to train more on pumping the new Engine. A great time was had by all, and it was nice to work side-by-side with our primary mutual aid company! See the album posted for pictures.

Engine Co., EMS to an AFA at South Buffalo Elementary
7/10/13: Just after 0730 hours Companies 220, 70, 169, and 70 EMS were alerted for a fire alarm on Freeport Road in South Buffalo Township. Engine 70-2 and Engine 220-1 called enroute, and 70 was cancelled shortly before arriving on scene by 220 with a false alarm.

Armstrong County 911 Switches to New Radio System
6/19/13: As of 1200 today, Armstrong 911 is now using the new 800 MHz system. All dispatching and operations are being done on the new system, with the exception of some departments using the old Low-Band system for dispatch paging only. We look forward to using the new system, and hope the transition is as smooth and easy as possible!

MVC: Ford City Road, South Buffalo Township
6/9/13: Just before 0200 hours this morning, Companies 220, 70, 169 Rescue, and 70 EMS were alerted for a vehicle crash in the area of Ford City Road and McVille Road, South Buffalo Township, unknown injuries or entrapment. Rescue 70, Medic 70-3, and Engine 70-1 responded with 9 personnel. Upon arrival, 220 Chief cancelled 169 with no entrapment. Company 70 arrived and assisted in patient care and traffic control. Crews waited until PSP arrived, and assisted in securing the vehicle. All units returned to station after over 2 hours. In a "you had to be there to believe it" scene, the vehicle (traveling at a high rate of speed) failed to negotiate the turn, hit a small masonry wall, and launched up an embankment into the air. The vehicle flew over top of an ATV and a parked vehicle (completely missing both), hit a tree on the drivers side, separating the front drivers tire completely, then hit a second tree with the passenger side approx. 15-20 feet off of the ground. The vehicle then came to rest on the side of the hill. Miraculously, both occupants were out of the vehicle upon arrival and refused treatment. On a side note, this was the new Engine 70-1's first emergency call! 

Units on Scene: Chief 220, Attack 220, Tanker 220-1, Rescue 70, Engine 70-1, Medic 70-3, PSP

Engine, Rescue, Squad, EMS Respond to Reported Explosion
5/29/13: At 2144 hours, Companies 220, 70, 169, and 70 EMS were dispatched to the area Nicholson Run Road and Ford City Road for a reported explosion. Engine 70-2, Rescue 70, Squad 70, and Ambulance 70-2 all responded and were staged by Chief 220. Crews investigated the area and turned the scene over to PSP.

Company 70 Takes Delivery of "New" Engine
5/24/13:  Today, Company 70 received a gift- a 2000 E-One Engine! The new Engine 70-1 will undergo much work this weekend having equipment mounted, being lettered and striped, and having driver/pump operator training!  We look forward to this resource to serve the residents of Freeport Borough and the surrounding communities! 

Rescue, EMS, Chief, FP on a Vehicle Over a Large Hillside
5/16/13: At 1832 hours Thursday, Companies 70, 220, and 70 EMS were alerted for a report of a vehicle through the guide rail and over the hillside in the area of the Freeport Bridge/Freeport Road intersection. With dozens of calls coming in for this, Lieutenant 70-1 quickly requested Citizens Hose 167 dispatched for the rescue. Rescue 70, Medic 70-3, and Ambulance 70-1 all responded within 3 minutes, and arrived to find one van over the hillside, with the occupant being assisted up the hill by passerbys. The vehicle had reportedly lost its brakes coming down the hill, crashed through the guide rail, went airborne, hit an access road, and continued down the hill where it came to rest. With no entrapment, Rescue 70 requested 220 and 167 cancel, and held an Engine crew in Station 70 as well. With multiple calls coming in to different dispatch centers reporting different locations (due to this being right at the edge of 4 counties), numerous other companies were alerted for this. Westmoreland 99 and 116 EMS, Allegheny 281 (for a report of the call being at the Tarentum Bridge), and Butler 27 and 36 had all been dispatched. With the call actually being in Buffalo Township (Station 36's area), command requested 27 to cancel and 36 to respond non-emergency. EMS evaluated one patient who refused care, and Rescue 70 gained access through Butler Junction to secure the vehicle until arrival of Gillette's. Shortly after Rescue 36 and Engine 36 arrived, all 70 units cleared and turned the scene over to 36. Company 70 personnel responding: 12.

Units on Scene: Rescue 70, Medic 70-3, Ambulance 70-1, Chief 70, Fire Police 70, Rescue 36, Engine 36, Freeport PD, Buffalo PD, Harrison PD. 

EMS on an MVC: South Pike Road, Buffalo Township
5/16/13: Just after 1600 hours on Thursday, Stations 36, 27, and 70 EMS were dispatched to Route 356 in Buffalo Township for a two vehicle crash with injuries. Buffalo PD and Medic 70-3 arrived to find as reported, in the area of Younkins Drive. Chief 27-2 arrived and assumed South Pike Command. Ambulance 70-2 arrived next and assisted with patient care, while Engine 27 and Rescue 36 arrived and shut down the road. Engine 36 and Brush 27 shut down 356 away from the scene to divert traffic. 70-3 transported one patient to a Pittsburgh trauma center for treatment, and 70-2 obtained one refusal.

EMS Responds to MVC with Entrapment
5/13/13: Just before midnight, Stations 36, 27, and 70 EMS were alerted for an MVC on Ekastown Road in Buffalo Township, one vehicle into a tree with one patient reported unresponsive. Ambulances 70-2 and 70-3 responded, with AK Pulsar Medic 273 dispatched for assistance. 70-2 arrived to find one vehicle off the road with a hydrant and gas meter both struck, with the meter leaking gas. 70-3 arrived and crews began caring for the patient, while Rescue 36 secured the meter. Crews determined that a door pop was needed, which was quickly done by 36 personnel. Medic 273 requested the closest available helicopter in the air, with Engine and Brush 27 handling the LZ. 36 and 70 extricated the patient and 70-3 transported to the LZ, where the patient was flown to a Pittsburgh trauma center. Thanks and great job to all personnel involved.

Tractor Trailer Fire with Entrapment: Laneville Bridge
3/19/13: At 1214 hours, Companies 70, 220, and 70 EMS were alerted for a reported tractor trailer on fire on the Laneville Bridge, possibly hauling gasoline, possible entrapment, with power lines down. Engine 70-1 responded and upon arrival found the tires of the trailer to be on fire. Due to a confirmed occupant in the cab, and no other access to the scene from the Borough side, the crew made the decision to take position on the bridge and start an aggressive attack. Companies 169 (Harrison Hills) and 27 (Buffalo) were requested to assist, and Company 150 (Leechburg) was put on standby for their foam trailer. Engine 220-1 laid in from the hydrant at Buffalo and 2nd. Engine 169 arrived and utilized their foam to assist in controlling the fire. Engine 27 laid in from the hydrant at Old Pike Road and Main Street in Laneville, and additional crews assisted with manpower. Armstrong County EMA also responded. The fire was extinguished with no reported injuries to civilians or responders. Once again, we would like to thank all who assisted us, we could not have done it without the teamwork of our mutual aid departments!

Units on Scene: Engine 70-1, Medic 70-1,  Engine 220-1, Engine 169, Engine 27, Tanker 27, Armstrong EMA

EMS Responds All Three Units to Christmas Day MVC w/Multiple Patients and Flyout
12/25/12:  Just after 2000 hours, Stations 36, 27, and 70 EMS were alerted for an MVC at Route 356 and Cole Road in Buffalo Township. Medic 70-3 immediately went enroute. Butler advised multiple injuries, and 70 EMS was alerted for a 2nd unit (volunteer crew) as well as Saxonburg 45 EMS (volunteer crew) for an additional unit. Ambulance 70-1, Ambulance 45-3, and Squad 45 (ALS) responded and Medic 273 was dispatched for additional ALS. Crews would eventually find a total of 6 patients requiring transport, and 70 EMS was alerted for the 3rd unit (2nd volunteer crew), bringing Medic 70-2. Crews from all stations worked hand in hand together to package and extricate each of the patients. Medic 70-2 requested a helicopter for their patient, bringing LifeFlight 4 to Freeport High School (Engine and Brush 36 w/the LZ). 70-3, 70-1, and 45-3 transported a total of 5 patients to a local hospital, with 70-2 transporting one patient to the LZ to be flown to a Pittsburgh Trauma Center. Once again great job by everyone who responded, many of whom had to leave Christmas arrangements with family and friends!

Units on Scene:  Rescue 36, Engine 36, Brush 36, Engine 27, Brush 27, Ambulance 70-1, Medic 70-2, Medic 70-3, Ambulance 45-3, Squad 45, Medic 273

EMS Handles 5-Vehicle MVC in Buffalo Township
12/23/12:  At 1243, 70 EMS was requested into Butler County for a 5 vehicle MVC at Route 356 and Bear Creek Road.  Ambulances 70-3 and 70-2 (with a volunteer crew) both responded within a minute.  Crews arrived to find Engine 27 attending to one patient.  EMS split into multiple crews, packaging one patient for transport and starting evaluation of multiple other patients.  Rescue 36 shut down traffic at Cole Road and Brush 27 shut down traffic from the North.  70-3 transported one patient to a local hospital, and 70-2 returned to service.  A total of 6 refusals were obtained in addition to the transported patient.  Please everyone remember to respect the firefighters and fire police directing traffic.  If a road is shut down or blocked off, it is done for a reason.  While it may be an inconvenience, we try to make as short as possible, and it is done for the safety of the patients as well as the responders.  Please respect them and the directions they give you.

EMS Responds to E1, Finds High CO Readings
12/23/12:  At 0946 hours, 70 EMS was dispatched to an E1 on Sipes Road, South Buffalo Township. Upon entry of the residence, the mini CO Detector carried on all of our first-in bags began alerting for high CO readings. The crew immediately evacuated the building and requested Company 220. Engine 220-1 arrived and made entry with SCBA and the gas meter.  Crews confirmed unsafe readings throughout the structure.  EMS transported the patient for possible CO related illness, and Engine 220-1 ventilated the structure and controlled the utilities. Great job by all, and once again the CO Detectors have proven their value!

Company 70 Runs Two Early Morning MVC's
12/22/12:  At around 0100 hours, 70 EMS was requested to evaluate one patient at an MVC in the area of 3 Riverside Drive in the Borough.  Ambulance 70-3 responded along with 70 Lieutenant 1.  Upon arrival, it was found that the patient was trapped inside the vehicle, which was into a fence and partially on its side against a building.  Lieut. 1 requested 70 Rescue be dispatched to the scene for extrication.  Rescue 70, along with the Chief, Chief 1, and Captain responded for the assist.  Upon the Rescue's arrival, crews stabilized the vehicle and the patient was extricated to the care of 70-3 and AK Pulsar Medic 273.  Crews remained on scene to assist Gillette's Towing, and 70-3 transported the patient for evaluation.  Company 70 personnel responding: 8.  Just after 0800 hours, Companies 220, 70, 169 Rescue, and 70 EMS were alerted for a vehicle over the hillside on Hill Road in South Buffalo.  Rescue 70 and Medic 70-3 responded, and were cancelled with it found to be a prior accident and no patients found.

Engine Company, Rescue, EMS Respond to Mutli-Alarm Structure Fire
12/17/12: Just before 2200 hours, Companies 167 (Citizens) 168 (Hilltop) and 169 (Harrison Hills) were alerted for a structure fire at the Heights Plaza, in the area of J&S Pizza. 167 Engine and 168 Truck quickly arrived to find a working fire in the roof area, and 167 Chief assumed command.  169 Engine laid into the rear and crews went to work. With a common roof area and no fire stops in the facade, the fire was able to spread very quickly down the plaza, and shortly after arrival heavy fire started to show from the roof. The 2nd alarm was quickly struck, bringing 112 (Pioneer), 280 Truck (Highland), and 281 RIT/Engine (Eureka). Shortly after, 70 was special requested by command to respond with both engines. Engine 70-1 (with 5), Engine 70-2 (with 4), Rescue 70 (with 2), and Ambulance 70-1 all responded to assist. Company 70 was placed at Dunham's and coordinated with 167 Captain (Erb) to stop fire spread to the North. Attack lines were pulled off of both engines to support the trench cut being made, as well as investigation of stores for any fire spread.  Manpower was also used throughout the front of the structure to assist with suppression and overhaul. Numerous crews worked on South end at the UPMC building and the Subway, and did a good job cutting off the quickly spreading fire there. Three firefighters were transported from the scene, and all are reported to be doing well. Great job to all units involved, and our thoughts are with the business owners and employees that are affected.

Update: After further investigation of the damage, it has been determined that most of the fire was only involved in the peaked roof and the facade, with limited damage to the actual structure and stores.  Many businesses have reopened within a week, and most others plan to be open by the end of the month.  Once again, great job to all involved, with over 30 departments and 300 firefighters reported to be on scene.  With many departments working side by side that don't normally come close to each other, the true meaning of brotherhood was shown as complete strangers were working side by side.

Congratulations to our 2013 Officers!
Thank you to our 2012 officers, and congrats to our new 2013 officers!
Fire/Relief Executive Officers:
President: Tino Bolcato
Vice President: Bill Lindley
Treasurer: Jeff Lowers
Secretary: Lynn Weaver
Sgt. At Arms: Jim Negley
Fire Trustee's (3 year term): Josh Mitchell, Jeff Weaver
Relief Trustee: Josh Mitchell

Fire Operations Officers:
Chief: Bill Lindley
Chief 1: Tom Sweeny Jr.
Chief 2: Brandon Ashbaugh
Captain: Jeff Lowers
Lieutenant: Zack Ayers
Lieutenant 1: Ryan Sweeny
Engineer: Josh Mitchell
Fire Police Captain: Jeff Weaver
Fire Police Lieutenant: Jim Negley

EMS Officers:
President: Scott Jones
Vice President: Tom Sweeny Jr.
Treasurer: Jeff Lowers
Secretary: Lynn Weaver
Employee Operations Committee: Cody Spangler, Ryan Sweeny, Bill Lindley

Engine Co. Runs AFA in Buffalo Township
11/20/12: At 1522, Company 70 was alerted to assist Sarver 36 and Buffalo 27 with an active fire alarm at the strip mall on Mulone Drive, Buffalo Township. Engine 70-1 was enroute in just 3 minutes with a crew of 4. E70-1 arrived first on scene with nothing showing and established command. Crews quickly found the alarm to have been accidentally set off by workers. 36 and 27 as well as an additional crew for Engine 70-2 were cancelled in station, and all 70 units were in service within the hour.

Possible Structure Fire: 216 Clinton Road, South Buffalo Township
10/20/12: Shortly after 1700 hours Saturday, Companies 220, 70, 169, and 70 EMS were alerted for a possible structure fire at 216 Clinton Road, South Buffalo Township. Caller reporting the house filling up with smoke. Engine 70-1, Rescue 70, Squad 70, and Ambulance 70-3 all responded. Crews from Company 220 arrived to find no active fire. Engine 70-1 was released upon arrival, and all other units were cancelled while enroute.

Engine, Rescue, Squad Stands By at 169; 70 EMS Responds to Natrona Fire
10/20/12: At 0237, Company 70 was requested to standby in Station 169 (Harrison Hills) while they were operating at a working structure fire. Engine 70-1, Rescue 70, and Squad 70 responded. Shortly after arriving in 169's station, 70 EMS was requested by command to send a unit to the scene. With Ambulance 70-3 on another call, Medic 70-1 responded to the scene. 70-1 provided a standby EMS unit for fire crews as well as performed rehab duties. Shortly after, while 70-3 was restocking supplies at AVH with AK Pulsar Medic 273, an E1 call was dispatched in Tarentum Borough. With 281 (Eureka) EMS committed to the fire, 281 Deputy requested mutual aid to handle the call. 70-3 and 273 advised they were in the area and handled the call. All 70 units were in station by 0630 hours with no additional incident.

Passing of a Brother...
9/13/12: It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of one of our own. Wes Ballina, firefighter at Harrison Hills 169 and a former member of Freeport VFD & EMS, passed away today. Wes was very active during his years at Company 70, and was a former line officer, including Assistant Chief. He was also the assistant EMA Coordinator for Freeport Borough. From the members of Company 70, our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Wes. You were a great firefighter and friend, and we know you will be watching over us. Rest in peace brother.

Obituary Courtesy of Redmond Funeral Home Inc.
Wesley T. Ballina, 42, of Freeport, passed away on Thursday Sept 13th 2012 at 3:59 am as a result of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident on Wed evening. Wes was born in Natrona Heights, on January 1, 1970. He was the beloved youngest son of the late Janet (Merryman) and Albert Ballina. He worked for Youngblood Paving Co. Wampum, PA. for the past 2 years. He was a member of St. Mary, Mother of God Church in Freeport. Wes was a passionate, dedicated firefighter with extraordinary ability. He had worked with numerous fire companies in the Valley over the years and was currently a member of Harrison Hills Volunteer Fire Company #4. He was a member of the Armstrong Lodge #239 in Freeport and he was a 1989 graduate of Freeport Area High School. Wes enjoyed working and hanging out with his friends in his garage. He also enjoyed muzzleloader hunting on the hill behind his home. Wes had and infectious smile that will live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved him. He had a marvelous sense of humor and had an uncountable number of friends. Wesley is survived by his 2 sons Nicholas & Zachary Ballina, of Freeport. His sister Jamie S. (Thomas) Phillips, of Buffalo Twp. 2 brothers, Gary A. Ballina of Elizabethtown, PA and Christopher A. (Cathy) Ballina, of Saxonburg. His companion Dana Chinka and his 5 nephews and 1 niece. Family and friends will be received on Sunday Sept. 16th from 12-3 & 6-9 p.m. in the Redmond Funeral Home Inc. 524 High St. Freeport, PA A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at St. Mary, Mother of God Church, Freeport, PA, at 10:00 am on Monday, September 17th, with Father Edward Volz officiating. Burial service will be held at St. Mary's Cemetery in Freeport. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to: Harrison Hills Volunteer Fire Company #4 5300 Freeport Rd. Natrona Heights, PA 15065 Autism Speaks 5455 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2250 Los Angeles, CA 90036

Company 70 Assists Able 700 with Traffic Control
11/8/12: At 1209 Company 70 was requested to assist Freeport PD at the traffic light by the Laneville Bridge for approx. 1-2 feet of water on the roadway. Squad 70 and Ambulance 70-3 responded and set up traffic control. Crews used a shovel to clear the plugged storm drain, and the water was drained from the roadway. Crews were back in at 1240. Company 70 personnel responding: 9.

MVC w/Multiple Injuries: Route 356 Near the Laneville Bridge
9/7/12: At 2306 Companies 70, 220, 169 Rescue, and 70 EMS were alerted for an MVC in the area of the Laneville Bridge, at the traffic light. With two injuries being reported, Ambulances 70-3 and 70-2 quickly responded along with Paramedic 70-13 and Medic 273. EMS arrived with Chief 70, Buffalo PD, and Freeport PD to find two vehicles on the roadway. With no entrapment 169 Rescue and Company 20 were returned. Rescue 70, Engine 70-1, and Chief 70-1 arrived and began controlling hazards. Squad 70 and Fire Police 70 handled traffic control along with PD. EMS transported two patients from the scene. Once the vehicles were removed from the roadway all units returned back into service. Company 70 personnel responding: 17.

Units on Scene: Chief 70, Chief 70-1, Rescue 70, Engine 70-1, Squad 70, Ambulance 70-2, Ambulance 70-3, Paramedic 70-13, 70 Fire Police, Medic 273, Freeport PD, Buffalo Twp. PD

Rescue 70 Extricates Trapped Cat from Under Concrete Sidewalk
9/5/12: Shortly after 0100 hours, Company 70 was alerted for a cat stuck under a concrete sidewalk in the area of 22 Main Street, in Laneville. Rescue 70 responded and found residents attempting to dig around the slab. Crews found the cat to be trapped underneath the slab and unable to move. The hydraulic spreader was placed in service and used to move the slab off of the cat. The cat was able to escape with no apparent injuries. The slab was returned and the Rescue was available within the hour.

Company 70 Responds to Hit-and-Run MVC on High Street
9/3/12:  At 1758 Company 70 was dispatched to the area of 304 High Street in the Borough for a vehicle into a telephone pole.  Before arrival of Chief 70 and Captain 70, the vehicle had fled the scene.   Rescue 70 arrived and contained fluids that were on the road.

Engine, EMS Standby at Annual Freeport High School Pie Night
8/30/12: Engine 70-1 and Medic 70-1 were on site at the annual Freeport High School Pie Night. Engine 70-1 provided a standby crew for the ceremonial bonfire, in preparation for the Yellowjackets' upcoming game against Kittanning. Congrats to the team for beating Kittanning on Friday, 32-21!

Rescue Company Runs MVC w/Extrication on Freeport Road
8/29/12: At 1318 Company 70 was requested by Freeport PD to extricate one patient from a vehicle that was involved in an MVC in the construction area of Freeport Road, near the Dugout.  The vehicle side-swiped a backhoe, and the uninjured passenger was unable to exit the vehicle due to the damage.  Medic 70-1 and Rescue 70 arrived and used the combi-tool to pop the passenger side door, freeing the patient, and returned to service.

Rescue, EMS on an MVC in the Borough
8/27/12: Just before 1500 hours Companies 70, 220, 169 Rescue, and 70 EMS were dispatched to a two vehicle MVC in the area of 206 High Street.  Chief 70 arrived on scene in less than a minute and held the assignment to Rescue 70 and 70 EMS for evaluations.  Rescue 70 arrived and secured the scene while Medic 70-1 obtained two refusals. All units were in service within a half hour.

Engine Company, EMS Respond to Possible Structure Fire on Sarver Road
8/24/12: At 1938, Companies 220, 70, 169, and 70 EMS were alerted for a possible structure fire at 1207 Sarver Road, South Buffalo Township.  Caller could smell something burning in the residence.  Engine 70-1 (with 5) responded in 3 minutes, followed by Medic 70-1 and Engine 70-2 (with 4).  All 70 units were cancelled before arriving on scene with nothing found by Engine 220-1. 

Tractor Trailer Fire: State Route 28, South Buffalo Twp.
8/8/12: Just after 1600 hours, Companies 220, 70, and 70 EMS were dispatched onto Route 28 North, just after the Buffalo Creek Bridge for multiple calls reporting a tractor trailer on fire.  Callers advising the brakes of the trailer on fire, spreading to the flat bed trailer that was hauling lumber.  Medic 70-3 arrived and reported that the rear of the trailer was fully involved.  Engine 70-2 responded and arrived simultaneously with Engine 220-1.  Both crews stretched the front bumper line from E220-1 and quickly extinguished the fire.  After performing overhaul, Engine 70-2 and Medic 70-3 were released by Chief 220-1.

Units on Scene: Engine 70-2, Medic 70-3, Engine 220-1, Tanker 220-1 

Engine Company 70 First On Scene at Buffalo Twp. Structure Fire
7/27/12: At 1654 hours, Company 70 and 70 EMS were requested to respond on the 1st alarm for a structure fire at 151 Ralston Road, Buffalo Township along with Sarver 36, Buffalo 27, and Saxonburg 15. Caller advising smoke in the structure after it was struck by lightning. Engine 70-1 was enroute in less than 4 minutes with a crew of 4. With the residence being close to the borough line, Engine 70-1 and Medic 70-1 arrived on scene first to find a 2 story residential structure with light smoke showing, passing command. Ladder 36-2 and Engine 27 arrived moments later. The crews gained entry and searched the structure to find fire in a 1st floor laundry room. 36 and 70 pulled an attack line from E70-1 as well as a backup line, and E27 laid in from the hydrant. The fire was quickly knocked down, and crews checked for extension with the thermal camera. With nothing else found, crews packed up and were back in service in less than two hours. EMS Supervisor 70 had incident safety officer, and Chief 27 had Ralston Road Command. Allegheny Twp. Station 99 provided a standby crew in their station throughout the incident. 

Units on Scene: Engine 70-1, Rescue 70, Medic 70-1, Engine 27, Tanker 27, Brush 27, Ladder 36-2, Engine 36, Brush 36, Engine 15, Tanker 15.

Heavy Storms Keep Company 70 Busy
7/26/12: With large storms rolling through the area, Company 70 was kept busy with multiple calls. At 1608 crews responded to Riverside Drive for a report of trees down on wires, and notified West Penn Power before returning to service. Personnel would spend the rest of the evening on numerous service calls for trees down and wires down. The peak of the night was at 2213. Members were in the engine bay when the entire town lost power for a couple seconds, followed by a loud explosion. Seconds later, Companies 220, 70, and 169 were dispatched to the area of 120 Community Park Road for wires down and arching with the woods on fire, endangering a trailer. Engine 70-2 responded immediately followed closely by Engine 220-1, Attack 220, and Engine 70-1. Crews found wires down in the woods with some fire, however it was contained because the ground was still wet from the storms. Company 220 was released with the call being in the borough, and crews awaited West Penn Power. After waiting for almost three hours with no ETA still, the scene was turned over to the road department. Units on Scene: Engine 70-2, Engine 70-1, Rescue 70, Squad 70, Engine 220-1, Attack 220, Chief 220. Thanks to the 18 personnel from Company 70 who assisted throughout the evening!

Company 70 Runs Numerous Calls Throughout the Day.
7/24/12: At 1241, Companies 220, 70, 169 Rescue, and 70 EMS were alerted for a physical rescue in the Clinton village of South Buffalo Twp., in the area of Lock 6. Caller reporting dirt bike and rider over a hillside, unknown injuries. Medic 70-1 and Ambulance 70-2 responded immediately, with Rescue 70 on the road within four minutes. EMS arrived and requested a helicopter in the air due to the patient's injuries. Crews from 70, 169, and 220 assisted in patient extrication while additional crews from 220 and 70 handled the landing zone. The patient was packaged and airlifted to a Pittsburgh trauma center. Between 1500 and 1630, 70 EMS handled 3 additional medical calls, with volunteer personnel assisting the on-duty crew. At 2040, Company 70 was alerted for wires down on Main Street in the Laneville Section of Freeport. Chief 70 and Able 700 were flagged down at the intersection of Main and Old Pike for reports of a wire arching. No wires were down however a fuse on the pole had been blown, and power was out to all of Main Street. Crews then responded to 109 Main Street for a report of a tree and wires down, wires arching. Rescue 70 and Squad 70 were requested to the scene non-emergency, and secured the area until the arrival of West Penn Power. Great job by everyone!

Company 70 Stands By for Freeport International's Fireworks Display
7/21/12: Thank you to everyone who came out last night to assist with the fireworks display by the Freeport International Baseball Invitational! Crews from Station 70, South Buffalo VFD, Sarver VFC, Buffalo VFC, and Allegheny Twp. VFD were all on standby throughout the lower end of town.  Crews patrolled the area around the marina where the fireworks were being launched from, throughout and after the show, in case any hot embers would spark a fire.  Ladder 36-2 was set up and used to scan the rooftops of the nearby houses as well.  With no incidents from the fireworks, all units cleared and many joined us at Station 70 for a good meal afterwards.

Units on Scene: Engine 70-1, Engine 70-2, Rescue 70, Fire Police 70, Medic 70-3, Attack 220, Tanker 220-1, Brush 220-1, Ladder 36-2, Rescue 36, Tanker 27, Engine 99-2, Tanker 99

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