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Ambulance/Medic 70-1

Ambulance 70-1 is a 2007 Chevrolet/Braun ALS Ambulance/Light Rescue. 70-1 is rotated with 70-2 and 70-3 as the first, second, and third out ambulance on a weekly basis. 70-1 is the rescue unit of Freeport EMS, with a Holmatro Combi-Tool, Holmatro Simo Pump, crash kit, and two complete sets of rope rescue gear. These are used at vehicle rescues where the EMS crew needs to rapidly extricate a patient from a vehicle before the arrival of the rescue company, or if a patient is down a hillside and the EMS crew needs to rappel down and begin care.

Interior Patient Compartment

Phillips Monitor

Phillips HeartStart Monitor/AED
State-Of-The-Art EKG and 12-Lead with Transmission Capability
AED and Manual Defibrillator Modes
Automatic Blood Pressure Cuff, Pulse Ox, and End-Tidal CO2 monitoring
Color Display

Rescue Compartment

2 Complete Rope Rescue Sets
Crash Kit
Oil Dry
Holmatro Combi Tool
Holmatro Simo Pump

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